Friday, July 01, 2005

Injury and respite. No insults though...

Am I old? When is it ok to start feeling over the hill? I have recently felt a justification to the lament that my time on this earth, in this mortal coil, is finite.

One fine Friday I hauled bushel boxes of books up a short flight of stairs. I injured my back and by the evening was hobbling around, bent forward, taxing Bree's courageous female sterength to get me back safely to our new apartment from the fine Robson Street Indian restaurant where we had dined.

Oh the humanity. The next morning I had a chiropractor appointment. This helped mostly for the education. The pain relief lasted approximately three hours. I had a full week away from work, doped up on on drugs and on my back with a computer on my belly.

Daytime TV is super fun but makes me feel guilty. Judge Judy, Joe Brown and Milian are all just too addictive. Why or why did I not post to The Breach? Oh well.

A week later I feel human and go back to work with a guilt-on for the boss. A week later I seek respite.

La Connor, WA.

A perfect place. American and full of flag and glory even out of the Fourth of July weekend, it is still blue state enough so I feel safe amongst the inhabitants. Bree and Joss (sister) are with me in my parents' vacant home. Wine. Books. Conversation.