Thursday, May 19, 2005

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Peter to Paul, originally uploaded by Will_Tom.

Is this fun or what? British Columbia woke up to an election day and the best bit of gossip fodder we have, as Canadians, had for a while. It has everything folks: love, betrayal, power, politics, ambition, animosity, intolerance. Ohhh yes! I am so glad to wake up in the morning these days. With politics like this "Canadian Idol" will have about as much staying power as a bottle of Keith's at a Cape Breton kitchen party.

George Stromboulopoulous of CBC's hip news show "The Hour" quipped that the Liberal Party "robbed Peter to pay Paul." George's pith-ishness aside, this weeks events have had me glued to the national media.

Ms. Stronach (you will find no tasteless, bigoted epithets here) who has helped represent the side of the Conservatives I could conceivably vote for (i.e. progressive, Clark, Brison et al)has been seen as increasingly uncomfortable under the shadow of Mordor. (Present epithets excluded). She is in the game for the big prizes to be sure. Why else leave a successful business career? Sidelined and in demand, she made the leap, crossed the floor and was Liberalized.

She has left behind a caucus that included her love interest Peter MacKay and the defection seems to be from him as well as the party. Heartache, steely nerves, unrequited..., well I go on.

What is plain is that after his CBC interview on his Pa's potato farm, the scruffled, bruised soul of Peter MacKay confirmed him as Canada's most eligible bachelor in the hearts of news junkettes nationwide. Gilbert Blythe has nothing on PEI Pete.

Some cite ambition, avarice and opportunism as leading factor for Stronach and while I agree, I do not condemn her for it. She did not do this because it was the easy thing to do. Consider:

1)Stephen Harper and the Alliance are not the kind of Tories Belinda naturally represents.
2)As an Ontarian and closer to Quebec than the "Western Aliens" in her party, Belinda is less likely to be subsumed by the parochialism that allows Harper to truck with the Bloc.
3)She came the this game to play not to benchwarm. Leaving Magna to be under the thumb of Mr.Godsrighteousfury is not what she signed up for.
4)We knew she was a Liberal all along. C'mon. You knew it too.

Well, in the USA they make politicians from their celebrities (Ventura, Gubernator, Reagan). In Canada the Good, we make celebrities of our politicians.

I love May sweeps.


Blogger juicyjay said...

holy cow! this is your best post ever! why oh why are pete mcmartin's eyes not feasting on your words?! you are not long for the world of small-business marketing if you keep this up. you will end up in George S's chair if you (nor he) are not careful!

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