Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Paper Trading


I am involved in a newly formed investment club. We are all learning the facinating and mind numbingly exciting world of financial planning and investments. One of our excercised this month is to pick a stock on the Toronto Stock exchange and buy $1000.00 of imaginary stock. We hold the stock until the friday before our next meeting when we sell and discuss.

I have chosen to buy $1000.00 of Stelco stock STE.A. I do not pretend to know if it will go up or down but I am interested in the continental steel supply and the factors of demand of base metals, (a hobby really, something for my spare time) and so I thought I would follow it.

I 'share' this all with you.

$1000.00 at 1.650 per share at close May 24 2005

606 shares of STE.A. held until June 12.

I will let you know how it does.


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