Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I Dream of Work

Almost every night I have a dream. I have many of them really and they weave and morph and are episodic or indistinguishable. It is all really very chaotic. Some say they do not remember their dreams at all and by their downcast auras I feel lucky to remember what I do.

I have recurring dreams that I have just often enough to recognize eventually. When I do clue in in dreamland I take control of my dream and usually this signifies the last time the dream reoccours.

I remember one dream when I was a bus boy at a 'boathouse' restaurant. It had a lot of windows overlooking a river. The dream had me working on a busy night, trying to affect the pretension that my fellow co-workers had. Bob is your uncle. Cessna plane burst through the window of the dining room causing havoc and misery. I was aghast.

I have recently had another work dream. I am sitting in a restaraurant. The waiter asked what I wanted to eat. I answered "I will have a Newport Solid fuel heater"
The waiter did not bat an eye and scurried off to frtch my order.

I challenge you all. Eat a Newport Solid fuel heater. This is of course a product we make at work.

Well, comment. Do you have a work dream.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too dream of work things that would otherwise make no sense to people. I dreamt not long ago of the next model of one of the cameras that we sell...in good detail I think. Interesting how both of your dreams were in a restaturant. Kevin M

6:39 PM  

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