Sunday, November 21, 2004

Ha! Gullible newts!

I have been told recently by some that my tertiary submission disagreed with their world view and that if I just accept the thinking of the theist, I would understand. Bah! Fie!

Bree: "It's all just theories. There's a lack of proof any way you look at it. I'm reserving judgment until I collect enough data points to tip the scales."

It is not my assertion that there is a god or gods or unicorns, it is against the assertion that I write. There is not only a complete void of facts to support the existence of god(s), but there are remarkable theories that the god(s) as represented are in fact our own creation and further, that the world view that follows a belief in god (in history, politics, sociology, science) is patently false and flawed.

Please remember that the theory is not as the creationist would say, some conjecture or unsubstantiated version of what could happen. A theory is a firm base of thought that explains the evidence around us. If observed data contradicts the theory, the theory has failed. "The distinguishing feature of scientific theories is that they are capable of being tested by experience."

So, with out the "you can't say you don't believe because you don't have a relationship with HIM" or the " I have faith " where is the existence of the proof of god?

I am not blind to evidence. If I were to be faced with observable or demonstrable data that invalidated not only my non belief in the supernatural or magic (thus would further nullify the majority of the intellectual and scientific foundations of culture, life and physics as we know it) I would be willing to concede to the theists that there is a supernatural.

It would remain to be seen what the supernatural was. Mithras maybe, or an omnipotent invisible spirit beaver of unquenchable power . We shall see (I say we shan't)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Magical Carpenter

"Gods are beings created by humans and given supernatural powers or attributes such as immortality, omniscience, telekinesis, and invisibility. These creations serve many purposes, such as imaginary protection from enemies or explanations for the origin of such things as good and evil, fire and wind, or life and death....It is often said claimed that religion began in fear and superstition. The same might be said for gods.

Some religions maintain that there is just one God and that all the gods of all religions except were created by human beings. Yet, everyone who believes in a god of some sort believes their god is real.

Since Gods are supernatural, they exist outside the bounds and laws of space and time. They can possess any of the infinite array of magical powers. Hence, there is no way to prove or disprove their reality. One might say: If gods exist, anything goes. "

The preceeding is an excerpt from Robert Todd Carroll's website The Skeptic's Dictionary, an A-Z of chicanery and fraud and what is more important, how to recognise it. At Carroll reveals in the illuminating power of scrutiny and sober thought the sibling evils of Amway/Quixtar, magical carpenters and other assorted faries and goblins. Throughout it all, the website used science and reason as a stark contrast to the duplicitous schemes that plague our culture's narrowminded. Check it out.

In my (reasonably accurate but prone to misdiagnosis due to a lack of data ) opinion, any arguements relating to the proof of GOD, god, gods, a god like thing, creators,omnipotent, benevolant or abmivilant all have one thing in common. They can also be used to support the existance of gremlins, unicorns and the additional creative excrement of a culture facinated by centuries old children's tales and social construct designed to keep large numbers of agrarian and or pastorally based peasants from rising up and beheading each other for the right to die in their meager pestulant isolation.

Pipe and Smoke it.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Photo lessons

Little boats.

In the Beginning...

There was the WORD, and it needed some work. So don't come crying to me if you can't get past the typos or spelling mistakes because I will probably gloss over your criticism with an air of annoyance and superiority. If you take umbrage with the content or a fine point of argument or the general tone or ethos of what you see here then great, this Blog is for you. It has been specifically created to offend you to the point where you write in a comment, giving me an opportunity to express just how wrong you are and how no one can deny the essential rightness of my deliberations.

Data Points. I require data points. I welcome trivia, historical curiosities, points of conjecture and general ponderables.

Argue with me. This is really the whole point. I will take stands on issues, change them as I see fit and mix hypothetical positions with ones I actually adhere to just to keep things interesting and suitably unfair. This of course, is your problem.

This and all you see here in the present and future I give to you and you shall be grateful.
The end.