Saturday, December 04, 2004

Oaths and Curses

Would not approve.

There has never been a time when the cuss, swear or blasphemous oath has not been a segment of the lexicon of language. Marketeers, curs and villians, crofters, soldiers and pompous braggarts have from Arcadia to America spouted a vile stench of offence to pepper their uncultured, limited vocabulary to add colour, meaning or emphasis. Sacre! Other languages than Albion's have been plagued by this base and vapid veneer of basic communication.

While understandable in rigidly hierarchical societies where life was truly nasty, brutish an short, the lowest of the low were barely human or worse, property and had no pretense at social morals or even mediocre education; in our own time and among those I would otherwise assume as sentient, this odious rot is deplorable. Is it laziness? Is it used to dot the emotive 'i's and cross the proverbial 't's? Or is it the entropic puss of a cheap and manufactured culture referencing itself in the word choice of the otherwise useful?

Not that all swearing is to be seen as out of place. John Wane can regard the oncoming enemy with a despairing 'sonofabicth' and get away with it. It is the unneeded and pervasive peppering of words with poison that is truly the subject of my righteous disapproval. Imagine the vapour brained twinkie grating through a sentence with one dozen superfluous 'likes' and 'fer-sure ya know?s but instead of being merely depressed with the empty skulled twit you were disgusted with too frequent reference to fecal matter and crude debauchery.


I invite your comments and for those of you tempted to foul my comment box with the very evil I deplore, know that your own feeble and predictable attempt at irony will easily out done by my assessment of your lack of understanding of that word.

Pernicious fiend.


Blogger juicyjay said...

I have absolutely no idea what this post is on about. Or what you are on about, for that matter.
(but methinks that you could now give rick over at a good key-whipping... but then you always won the arguements with him anyway.)
Get a spell check, dude.

2:13 AM  

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